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9 Retailers Who Allow Using Online Coupons In-Store

Read this article and discover the most popular retailers who allow using online coupons when shopping in-store!

You really want to buy a new dress and see what size you are but you don’t want to wait for shipping or you simply don’t want to purchase online. Well, we have good news for you!
Now you can check online websites and see what’s new, download the coupon code and use it in-store.
Yes, there are stores that will take the online coupon in store. Even if a certain store is not on the list, you can still ask the manager and see if you can use your online coupons. And since we all know that store policies vary, it is worth to try even if you can find the store on this list.
We are going to present you 9 retailers who allow using online coupons in-store:

1. J.Jill – You can check the website and use whatever promo code is available when you purchase items in-store. We highly recommend you to pay attention to coupon exclusions as if you can’t use the code online on specific products, it will be the same in-store. The prices should be the same for both online and offline stores and if you notice they aren’t, you can ask the store to match the price.
2. Sunglass Hut – In this store, you can find the best shades for your face and save by using online coupons. You can receive online coupons via email and any coupon that has a four-digit code will work just fine.

3. Crate & Barrel – Another brand that accepts online coupons in their physical store. Please keep in mind that the coupon excludes furniture. Analyze and compare to see if the prices are cheaper on the website as they will adjust the prices to match.
4. Hollister – We love this website because it always accepts online coupons. All you need to do is bring your online coupon into the store and get the same deal you see online.
5. Jo-Ann Fabrics – Any coupon with a barcode on it can be used at this store. If you manage to find a cheaper price online, show them and you will receive the same price in-store.

6. Journeys – This is just another store that accepts online coupons with a barcode on it. So, as long as your coupon has a barcode, you can go and use it in-store.
7. Macy’s – We know that this is one of your favorite stores! Macy’s accepts online coupons in-store and all you have to do to get a discount is show the promo code at the register.

8. Petco – You can easily receive online coupons you can use at Petco’s in-store via email. Sometimes, a promo code won’t work and that is why we advise you to leave an email and receive the online coupons in your inbox. Before you purchase something in-store, check their website and compare the prices.
9. Michaels – This brand accepts online coupons that can be scanned which is super easy. You can find coupons with 20% off the entire purchase. You can browse coupons online and click the option “text to my phone” and the retailer can immediately scan the coupon. They have a coupon offering a percentage off the entire product selection that works best online and in-store.

Now that you are familiar with the retailers who allow using online coupons in-store you can enjoy your shopping both in-store and online. You can purchase whatever you like and save money at the same time! Shop with trusted merchants and never pay a full price ever again!
Happy shopping!