Five sites for online coupons and promotional codes

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You probably love saving money when shopping online. After all, price comparison and discounted prices are some of the biggest draws to online shopping. However, to end up maximising saving, you must have the right coupon codes and use them at the right time. Here are five sites which offer the best promotional codes today.


Groupon is probably one of the most popular deals websites in today’s e-commerce world. It has an array of sections which target specific clientele; both retailers and wholesalers. Based on its unique structure and attractive offers, Groupon has managed to attract some of the big names in both the product and service industry, and this has dramatically helped increase its discount offers.

 Price Blink

Price Blink offers an online price comparison browser add-on which allows you to secure a great deal without changing your shopping habit. The site goes through more than 4,000 partnered merchants and identifies the best price offers. Ones it completes the search, a pop-up notification will appear complete with a link to the e-commerce site that provides the best price. Also, you will be presented with a genuine coupons complete with a coupon codes notifications. Thus, if you are okay with the possible privacy implications associated with the add-ons, Price Blink is a must try.


SmartSource offers two type of coupons; printable coupons and direct-to-card coupons which are primarily available on household products and groceries. For some people, these coupons are similar to those offered in local newspaper stores. However, the online access to SmartSource database provides one with the opportunity to print off multiple coupons, print off coupons for different towns and most importantly, access the already issued coupons online if the paper option goes missing.

 com offers printable coupons for different items which include household and food. While it may be similar to SmartSource regarding the discounted items it covers, has a mobile application for IOS and Android which allows easy and convenient access.


Hip2Save started off as a frugal living blog before expanding into a couponing empire. The site has many tips, blog entries and recommendations from different coupon collectors and also has lots of links which lead to ideal coupons all over the internet. While experienced coupon users rarely visit the site because of the smaller number of coupon options being offered, beginners consider the site to be a minefield and often set camp there.

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